Solutions Focused Case Management

This program is designed to help families solve problems in order to help them to become employed. Better daily living and self-sufficiency are the primary goals of the program. Parents are helped to get the alcohol or drug treatment needed for a speedy recovery while avoiding out-of-home placement for their children.


Client must be receiving TAF benefits, have a D&A problem, and meet at least one of the criteria below:

  • Client has been previously reported for child abuse/neglect;
  • There is a child under age 3 in the home;
  • Client has a mental health diagnosis;
  • There are 3 or more children in the home;
  • The primary care giver is under age 30; and
  • There are domestic violence / sexual assault issues in the home.

Assessment and Referral Services

This program is intended to help clients address situations where their drug and alcohol use represents an obstacle to the successful resolution of whatever situation caused them to come in contact with the social service system. Assessment counselors will evaluate clients' needs for services and refer them to the State or Medicaid funded prgram that will best meet these needs. In addition, should there not be a treatment opening, the counselor will provide pre-treatment services on an interum basis until the client is able to enroll.

Eligibility for Services

This program is limited to clients who are referred by Kansas Social and Rehabilitation Services (SRS) related workers. Related workers include non-governmental agencies who contract with the SRS to provide family preservation and fostercare services to the State.