Alternative Sentencing Policy For Non-Violent Drug Possession Offenders

This program is more popularly known as the SB-123 program. The purpose of the SB-123 program is to provide community supervision and drug treatment to offenders with substance abuse problems in order to reserve correctional facility capacity for more serious, violent offenders. The program permits certain adult offenders convicted of a first or second drug possession to be sentenced to Community Corrections intensive supervision and be required to successfully complete a certified drug treatment program in lieu of being sentenced to a state correctional facility.

Eligibility for Services

Eligibility for the SB-123 program is determined by the sentencing District Court.

Accessing Services

The Substance Abuse Assessment Center's (SACK) involvement in this program is limited to completing pre-trial substance abuse assessments. All referrals must be made through the client's SB-123 intensive supervision officer (ISO) as part of his/her pre-sentence investigation. No appointments for SB-123 drug/alcohol assessments will be scheduled without a written request from the ISO.


SACK does not charge clients directly for SB-123 assessments.