Re-Entry Program

The Re-Entry Program was implemented to provide assessment, education, referral, and case management services to eligible inmates of the KDOC correctional institutions and upon release to those with or without supervision. When requested by various staff in KDOC, a drug and alcohol assessment is completed. Based on the assessment, the client is referred to a level of treatment that matches the intensity of the client's substance abuse problem. Should there not be an available treatment opening when the client is released from prison, the client is placed on a waiting list and provided with case management services that specifically include communicating with and updating service agencies regarding consumer progress, referring to community agencies for specialized service needs, and assisting consumers through the drug and alcohol treatment continuum of care. Case Management services continue until:

  • Consumer has successfully completed treatment services
  • Consumer has been discharged due to noncompliance
  • Consumer has successfully entered any other facility's case management program

Eligibility For Services

Services are provided to individuals who are incarcerated or supervised by KDOC. Specialized case management support is focused particularly on persons who are a part of the voluntary “Sedgwick County Re-Entry Program” in addition to the Shawnee County and Wyandotte County regional programs. The focus of these multi-disciplinary teams is to provide as many resources as possible to returning offenders as they enter the community with a focus of providing services prior to release. Focus is also placed on clients who have a significant history of substance abuse or dependence accompanied by a willingness to seek help.

Accessing Services

All referrals for services under this program will be made through collaborative efforts between SACK and KDOC staff and are subject to accessibility of care and willingness of participants.